Adventure Series: Biltmore Rooftop Tour

By Matt Langford on 28 Feb 2019

The Details:

While visiting Biltmore is hardly the same as climbing Mount Everest, it does offer a unique perspective on class based lifestyles from a past time. The house itself is incredible, and I definitely recommend doing the self guided tour. If you’ve ever watched Downton Abbey (although based in another country), you’ll see many similarities in the house and manner of living.

They also offer a rooftop tour (tickets must be bought in advance) that gives you access to a few extra rooms and, obviously, the rooftops. You’ll see the many gargoyles up close, get amazing views of the surrounding property, and learn a lot more about the estate from your guide. Kalena and I both enjoyed doing this and recommend you do the same.

What I thought about it:

We took the rooftop tour on our second trip to Biltmore and have no regrets in doing so. If it’s your first trip there, make sure you leave enough time to do the self guided house tour and view the gardens (and perhaps drive around the property). All of this can easily take a full day. If you decide to do the rooftop tour, make sure you bring your best camera. The tour guides are very knowledgable and are willing to answer any questions you may have about the property.

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