Get Free Money with Dosh

By Matt Langford on 29 Nov 2018

It is no secret to frequent travelers that having the right credit cards creates major benefits and fewer headaches. While I will get into those specifics in future posts, I thought it best to start simple. If you have any major credit card (doesn’t have to be a travel specific card), there are a few easy ways to earn a few backs cash back with little to no effort. Today, I want to look at a popular service called Dosh.

Dosh simply monitors your purchases and stores can optionally give you cash back when you make purchases. That’s really all there is to it. Stores such as CVS, Sam’s, Walmart, Hooters, Pizza Hut, World Market, Forever 21, Mobil, Sephora, Payless, Pilot, and many others participate by giving you a predetermined 1%-5% cash back. Once you register, you just shop. That’s it. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

But that’s not all. If you’re doing any online shopping, there can be bonuses if you access the retailer’s link through the app. For instance, you can get 12.75% from or 15% back from Perry Ellis as of this writing. Nike, Guess, Crayola, and hundreds more are partners as well.

Best of all, you’ll get $5 when you sign up.

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