Adventure Series: Swim with Dolphins

By Kalena Langford on 24 Feb 2019
Swimming with Dolphins in Isla Mujeres

The Details:

We knew when we decided to go to Isla Mujeres that we might want to swim with dolphins while there, but we didn’t book the adventure until after we arrived. That worked out fine since the island is not a super overrun tourist place (or at least it wasn’t when we were there at the end of May). It’s close to Cancun, but there is another option there to swim with dolphins. Judging by photos, though, Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres offers a better experience. The water you swim in is actually the Caribbean. So, the view of the sea while enjoying the experience is pretty cool. Feels a little more natural, I guess.

We chose the Royal VIP swim, which was the middle package. It was an hour long, and I think there were 6-8 people in our group. The Royal package dolphin interactions included a foot push, dorsal tow, handshake, hug, hand target, kiss, and caresses.

Swimming with Dolphins in Isla Mujeres

What I thought about it:

I really enjoyed the dolphin swim. It was the first time me or Matt had done anything like that. I haven’t priced any other similar experiences, but it did seem a bit pricy. And, of course, you have to pay extra for photos. However, I would do it again. The facility was clean, bright, and happy. And the trainers were very nice. My favorite interaction was the foot push, which is where you swim out a good ways and the two dolphins you’re interacting with the whole time come from behind you swimming fast and push you from your feet. It pushes you upright like you’re skiing on the water. The first time I swam out to do it, one of the dolphins was lazy in the trainer’s words. So, they actually let me do the whole process again (with a much better result). That was a little surprising to me since we had a big group that was having to take turns doing everything. Anyway, we were happy with our time there and had fun!

Swimming with Dolphins in Isla Mujeres

Ignore those tan lines!

Swimming with Dolphins in Isla Mujeres

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