Adventure Series: The Star

By Matt Langford on 05 Mar 2019

The Details:

I am an unashamed Dallas Cowboys fan. I’m sorry, but that’s just life.

We were able to spend a day at The Star in Frisco, TX. If you’re unfamiliar, The Star is the Dallas Cowboys practice facility, offices, studios, and so much more. No team in the NFL (in sports, really) has a facility quite like this. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world, and they have the facilities to back that claim up.

You can tour it all by buying tickets in advance.

What I thought about it:

As a fan, it was pretty much a perfect day for me. The day we toured, the Cowboys were actually practicing. While practice was closed to tour groups, we were able to see Jason Garrett, Sean Lee, strength and conditioning coaches, and the players’ parking lot (which surprising to me was full of pickup trucks). We saw the 5 Super Bowl trophies, Super Bowl rings, and countless memorabilia. I even got to sit in Jerry Jones’ chair in the war/draft room. Afterwards, we ate at one of the on site burger joints (very good) and headed out. If you’re a football fan (even if you hate the Cowboys), it’s worth the trip.

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