Best Kid's Toys for Air Travel

By Kalena Langford on 14 Jan 2019

There are plenty of articles out there dedicated to the “perfect” air travel toys with all the whys and such. So, I don’t intend on informing you of anything new or revolutionary. But I did think I’d share with you what our favorite in-flight and airport toys and entertainment (with the exception of an iPad because, duh) have been with our son so far and why they’ve worked for us.

  1. Small books - Brigsby loves books! And he has since very early on, so we pretty much always have had some on hand. These just so happen to be his favorite AND they are the perfect size to easily pack.
  2. A notebook and pen - I keep a Field Notes notebook and a pen in our little toy bag in my diaper bag, and it’s proven handy for a little distraction for B as well as a quick place for me to jot something down if needed.
  3. Toy cars - Now, I must say that anything that rolls is potentially not a good toy to have out on an airplane as it can end up seats away quite quickly. But, my son can play with cars for a very long time. So, I keep a couple of Hot Wheels in our bag for any other environment including waiting in an airport.
  4. Small figurines - A couple of other things I typically keep in my diaper bag for both every day and travel entertainment is small toy figurines. He loves animals, so I change out a couple in our bag every now and then. For flights, specifically, I’ve gone to Dollar Tree and purchased small Disney (Goofy, Pooh, etc.) or other figurines as a new little surprise for on the plane. They don’t usually hold his attention as long, but have been nice as a new surprise for him. And at a dollar a piece, I’m not worried about losing them (although we try not to).
  5. Stickers - I don’t always keep stickers with us. But since a sticker book is thin and cheap (they travel well in an iPad compartment of a bag), I’ve purchased them for flight entertainment and they have proven to be a good tool at times. I’ve let Brigsby stick the puffy stickers (that aren’t as sticky) wherever he wants in our seat on the airplane (namely, the back of the seat in front of us) and just make sure to clean them up when he’s done having fun with them. Other types of stickers can go in a sticker book, on printed boarding passes, throughout a notebook, etc. Obviously.

Up to this point, I’ve just used a smaller bag (the dollar bin at Target usually has a good small bag selection) in my diaper and/or travel bag and filled it with toys. As I mentioned above, I actually pretty much keep it in my bag all the time and just rotate the toys so that if we need a quick distraction in the car or at dinner, we have something “new.”

As far as plane travel goes, the bag in bag has been good in that it limits what I bring and easily organizes what I have in my bag. However, as our son is getting a little older and now has to have his own seat on flights (and thus, is allowed a bag of his own), I plan on purchasing a small backpack for him that can grow with him. This is the one I have my eyes on. Hoping I’ll enjoy the slightly lighter and less full bag of my own that way. And maybe I can pack myself a book that I won’t get around to reading. Kidding. Sort of.

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